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Online group classes and private sessions

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Group Classes

This class is meant to combat sedentary lifestyle and gradually improve the function of the entire body. Classes will combine Body Tuning therapeutic exercise, self massage, light stretching and awareness based mind-body work in a flowing 30 minute session. I aim to make the classes accessible to all levels of fitness and health. This class will help you gain more freedom of movement, improve your balance and posture, increase flexibility, supercharge your breathing, all while stimulating and circulating the entire body. Sounds too good to be true? You’ve got nothing to lose and health to gain so join us!

Suggested Donation: $10

Sample Class:

"You are a great teacher and help me set a rythm throughout those strange times!"

- Mary

"Thank you so much! These are a lifesaver during this time"

- Dave

"Wow, this is so helpful!"

- Nahush

Private Sessions

30 min - $75

Private sessions are best for creating, or reviewing, personalized home exercise programs as well as troubleshooting specific aches and pains. We will use the Zoom platform for private sessions which means you will be able to record your 1 on 1 session and review it as many times as you need.

To schedule a 1 on 1 Body Tuning Live session, email us with your most convenient meeting time and any information you would like to share before the session. Once we find a session time that works, you will receive a confirmation email and invoice that includes the private Zoom link that we will use for your session.

Schedule 1 on 1 Session

Please download the Zoom app ahead of time.

Suggested at home set-up

Please find an area where you can lie down on the floor with your arms out to the side like a "T." Please have a comfortable chair within reach, preferably without armrests.

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